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Capture life's greatest moments to treasure throughout your lifetime! Natural light creates a soft warm glow perfect for portraiture. Let's get outside and enjoy the natural light.

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Session Details

What should I wear?

Your style is important to your personality. Let it shine!

Long sleeves, and high heels elongate you.  Solid colors are best, but not absolute.  Colors do not need to match, but they should coordinate.  Avoid distracting patterns and Logos.  Be careful with trendy clothes as they may date your portraits, bring a classic as a back up.

-Go to a paint department or Pinterest and compare color swatches. This is my favorite for large groups and family reunions. Give them a color swatch and let each family choose how they will coordinate using 4 complimentary colors. 

-Search Pinterest for “Color Pallets” or “Fall Color Pallets” -Neutrals with a pop of color is always a favorite

-Look for inspiration in the world around you.

-Consider the room that the photos will be displayed in . What colors have you used?

Locations & session times

The best time of day for portraits are the few hours before sunrise or sunset. You choose your location. Your location should fit your own individual or family's personality.

Can I share my downloadable link? 

Yes, please do.

Can I purchase the image disc? 

Yes. A disc containing your images are available to purchase for an additional $10.00 each.

Can I post my pictures online? 

Yes, we love friends. Just tag us so your friends can find us!

Family Sessions

What does my family session include?

Your session will be one to two hours at a location of your choice. Your photographer will do a variation of family and individual poses. You will receive 30-40 of your best images through a digital download link with print release and a one year sharable online gallery. A 4x6 collection box of all images and a print credit to create your own wall art collection.

What breakdowns are included in the Family Reunion session?

A Family Reunion session includes full group poses, generation poses, and family group poses. 

Can we purchase extra breakdowns at the Family Reunion session?

Yes, absolutely. Individual breakdowns can be purchased for $195.00 per family.

Children Sessions

How can I prepare my child (or spouse) for the session?

-Bring them on full tummies with plenty of sleep. This is especially important for Dad. If your session is in the evening have an early light dinner.

-Children fuel off of our emotions; they can feel your stress. De-stress your day by having clothes and shoes picked out and ironed the day before. Children do well when they know what to expect.

-Tell your children about the session and what your expectations are.

-Practice! Stand in front of a mirror and show each other silly faces, smiley faces, sad faces, real smile faces.

-Have fun! Have a pretend photo-session at home. Let them be the photographer!

Should I bring snacks for my kids? Gum? 

Bribery can be a powerful tool. Remember that whatever you eat will show up in your smiles, and causes little ones to drool. Gum is a big no, no. It always shows, and will cost extra to remove it from pictures. Bring children with full tummies. Have water and die free treats on hand in case of emergency. Applesauce pouches work well.

At the photo-shoot

it’s important at the photo shoot to allow a trust relationship to form between the photographer and the children. I like to allow the kids to explore this new world around them and let them settle in and capture those first looks of wonderment; then focus on smiles. Somber portraits are just as important as happy portraits. In order to do this it’s important that We are the one to get their attention. Many times we have well-meaning parents and grandparents standing behind us trying to get the kids attention. This usually results in a short session and no eye contact. If I need help to get smiles We'll  ask 1 adult to come assist and be silly behind us. Some kids do better 1 on 1 with a photographer and others do better if mom and dad stand back but stay in sight. Let’s talk at the session and see what will be best for your child’s personality.

Senior Sessions

What does my senior session include?

Your Senior session includes a one to two hour session. You may choose up to two locations. You can bring up to 3 outfit changes. You will receive 30-40 of your best images in a downloadable link and a one year shareable gallery with print release. A 4x6 collection box of all images and a print credit to create your own wall art collection.

Do you take out blemishes?

Yes! Your images are fully edited. We remove anything that would not represent your true self in two weeks. Any other blemish removal is available upon request. Additional edits may require a fee.

Can I bring a change of clothes?

Yes. You may bring up to 3 outfits. Additional outfits may require a separate session due to time and lighting.

Can I bring a friend to the shoot?

Yes. Add your friend to a pose or book a friend session and split the cost!

What is a Friend session?

Split the cost of a senior session with your best friend for a great deal.  One location and an outfit change. This session includes10-20 of your best images each with a one year online shareable gallery with print release.

Can I bring props?

Yes, please do. Have a talent? Love your car? Play a sport? Bring it with you!

Maternity and Newborn

What should I wear to my Maternity session? 

Show off that bump. Wear long dresses and shirts that accentuate your tummy. Solid colors are best but not absolute. Avoid distracting patterns and logos. Wear loose clothing prior to your photo shoot so that you don't have crease marks on your tummy. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration.

How far along should I be in my Maternity session? 

You want that belly bump to show and yet still be comfortable. between 6-8 months.  

How much notice do you need for the Hospital or Newborn session?

As soon as you know, let us know! The sooner the better. Keep us posted. 

Can you photograph the birth?

If hospital or birthing center's policy allow and if schedules coincide we would love to photograph it for you.

How old should my newborn be when I schedule the Newborn photo-shoot?

Newborns should be about two weeks old when they still have that "new" look to them if health allows. Babies should be fed and sleepy at the time of the session.

What to expect at your Newborn session.

Safety is our main concern. Our photographers are all immunized. Please be prepared to be photographed with your newborn. Most of our portraits are a composite shot of two photos with a parent's hand on baby at all times. For Newborn sessions full and asleep is best. try to keep baby awake as long as possible before we arrive. Wait to nurse until we arrive. Babies eyes are week and tend to droop or cross. All babies are different. Some like to curl and cuddle while others like to stretch and sprawl, we are prepared to pose both.

What ages do you recommend for the Baby Stages session?

Since babies develop and grow at their own pace it all depends on them. Any stage is worth capturing. We recommend newborn, sitting or crawling, and walking. First Food and Cake smashes are fun too.

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